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The Law Office of John P. Welty, PLLC also counsels it clients in a broad array of business-related topics.  Using education, training, and experience, the Law Office of John P. Welty, PLLC works with clients to develop and refine their business and corporate strategy based on an assessment of the organization and its resources.  Technical skills and understanding trends and market drivers enable the firm to identify potential value of various growth strategies.  Using experience and expertise in regulatory policy, strategic planning, and financial strategy to understand a client’s position, a sound business solution can be determined.


Business coaching is very important to clients.  Often a business owner will need a confidant and trusted person to run ideas past.  This has become a very important component to any successful business owner, executive team member, or manager.  Whether a marketing concept or whether a financial matter, the Law Office of John P. Welty, PLLC assists clients with these difficult concepts and helps establish sound business decisions.  This business consulting service is complimentary to the practice of law and allows for comprehensive legal and business solutions.